Vacation Around the Corner

Tomorrow is my last day of work before a two-year – oops, Freudian slip there – two-week vacation.  And it may start a little sooner than planned, because snow is expected and who knows how long I’ll be able to stay at work before having to rush home to avoid the white stuff.

In preparation for vacation, the girls had more fun with the computer camera this evening.  Predictably, they were in stitches.  That is, when they weren’t arguing whose turn it was to pose for the camera.
No plans for the vacation, except to see a couple of movies, relax with the family and build a new sunroom (or watch a new sunroom being built).  It’s been an eventful year.  Good and bad.  New job, shitty economy, daughters who grow more beautiful every day, Nanny’s death, turning 40…kind of makes me wonder what 2009 has in store.  

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