Back to Work

Sadly, tomorrow is around the corner.  Which means it’s back to work.  Tomorrow marks my year anniversary at the firm.  Time flew.

It’s nice having a vacation at the end of the year – I feel renewed and ready for the new year.  As long as it doesn’t bring too much negative news.  But 2008 was so bad on so many fronts that I truly believe things will start to get better (perhaps not before some additional economic hiccups, however).
Chloe has started to write a chapter book about a girl named Melanie, who is on an adventure to solve a mystery.  Once she’s finished (who knows when that will be!), I may serialize it on the blog.  And look for a publisher…I’m hoping to live vicariously through my daughter.  Having always dreamed of writing a book myself, I suppose the second best thing would be to have a daughter who might actually do it!

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