Be Still My Beating Heart

Not because our sunroom is finished, but because Chloe and Sophie were ARGUING over the mop.  Yes, my two cleaning-averse daughters who complain every time we ask them to pick up after themselves, were fighting for turns with the mop.  Granted, they were more hindrance then help as they “cleaned,” but I’ve never seen so much excitement for a chore as I did this morning.
My husband would argue that the most startling sight this morning wasn’t the girls mopping the floor of the rebuilt room, rather it was his wife’s mopping the floor of the rebuilt room.  He even has the incriminating video to prove it.  Which will never make its way onto this blog.  Let’s just say that it’s evident from the incriminating video that the girls inherited their lack of cleaning skills from their mother.
Thanks to the extraordinary group effort, for now, the sunroom is the cleanest room in the house.  This will last until tomorrow, once we’ve started to move back into it.  But for now, you can admire it in all of its virgin glory, as we’ve been doing all day.

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