I Should Have Known Better

It was inevitable, I suppose.  I should have listened to my brain last night before I went to sleep because it was screaming, “Take some sleeping pills, you dope!”  Needless to say, I didn’t heed my brain’s sage advice, and I spent half the night fighting insomnia, thinking about all of the work stuff I had avoided thinking about during my vacation.  The upside to this was that I arrived at work this morning knowing pretty well what I needed to do.  The downside is that I felt like puking all day long from lack of sleep.

So here I am at home, having barely survived my first day back at the office, wondering if I’m feeling so crappy because I’m exhausted, or because I’m coming down with something.  I hope it’s the former and not the latter.
In the meantime, because I am now lying in bed (and it’s only 7:15 pm!) being lazy and trying desperately to feel less nauseous, I will not be spending much time on this blog entry.  Luckily, you have the privilege of viewing our future female Kurt Mazur conduct her own version of the Electric Light Orchestra.

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