January 1, 2009

Here we are closing in on the end of the first day of 2009.  It was a fairly uneventful day, as I’ve found most New Year’s Days to be.  We lounged around in our pajamas until 11 AM, played board games and I escaped for a couple of hours to check out the sales at the mall – a disappointing excursion that didn’t yield much, except for two very cheap pairs of pants from J. Crew.

The girls were still going at it this morning, but they seemed to have reached a bit of a truce this afternoon.  They even expressed love for each other – without adult prompting.  Sophie initiated it, and those three simple words, “I love you,” brought a big smile to Chloe’s face and an “I love you” back.
Three more days left of vacation, and back to the office on Monday, which will mark my one year anniversary at the firm.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, time has flown by this year.   I hope 2009 brings better tidings for everyone – family, friends, strangers…less war, a better economy, happiness and health for my girls, a good teaching job for my brother…and if we can swing it, a nice vacation in July for my husband and me, to celebrate our 40th birthdays and our 15th wedding anniversary.  Oh – and hopefully, no more drama with the house.

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