More Mop Action

I really can’t get over the fact that my girls actually made a go of mopping the floor the other day.  I had posted a photo of Chloe at the handle, but think it’s only fair to showcase Sophie channeling Cinderella as well.  

The more I think about it, the more it might make sense to stop the cleaning team every other week and hire my girls instead.  They need to learn the value of working.  And with our college savings accounts tanking, they’re going to need to be ready to earn a living sooner rather than later.
Chloe’s 8th birthday is quickly approaching and I can’t believe how rapidly the first eight years have passed.  Which scares me – because before I know it, she’ll be 16 years old (and I’ll be 48) – a junior in high school, taking SATs, thinking about prom (or not) and getting ready to apply to college.  But I’m getting ahead of myself – something I’m often prone to do.  
Back to the present, Chloe decided that she was going to start rereading the Harry Potter series.  She didn’t have school today (snow, yet again), and opting not to pursue a play date, read for most of the day and finished the first volume while ensconced cozily in the corner of the couch.  High school seems a long way off…

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