Our Camera Was Stolen

I am disappointed in my fellow humans today.  Our camera is gone, presumably stolen from a bench at the American Museum of Natural History as the girls were taking a break from running around the exhibition space.  This is a place that’s swarming with children, for god’s sake.  We had just taken some adorable pictures of Chloe and Sophie as they frolicked among the butterflies and gleefully pointed out the Tibetan tribal masks.  And quicker than you can say “Cheese!” the camera had disappeared.  

Of course, the girls immediately realized what had happened – it didn’t help that I was cursing up a storm.  It was an interesting experience actually. I’m a cynic, and I had to rein myself in after a couple of minutes.  Although I didn’t believe for a second that someone had “found” it and would turn it in, I felt the need to mention that such an outcome was a possibility (even though it was clearly an afterthought) when Sophie started to say, “A mean man took our camera.”  
We went to the security desk and filed a lost and found report, and checked in before we left.  Nothing, nada, rien.  A mean man (or woman, no need to discriminate here) took our camera.  Where do people get the nerve to do something like that?  Needless to say, I am not posting any photos tonight – I’m symbolically mourning not just the loss of the camera, but people’s ugliness.  Melodramatic, I know, but I am so pissed off right now…

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