Peace and Quiet

My husband left with the girls earlier this afternoon to drop Chloe off at mom’s for an overnight stay.  For a glorious hour, I was alone in the house.  It was quiet.  I lay in bed and watched a movie, without interruption of any kind.

When he returned with Sophie, she was sleeping.  And she slept and slept, until about 6 pm.  She woke up cranky, but it didn’t last very long.  And after days of the girls going at each other, it’s been nice to enjoy several hours of peace.  
This is a photo of Sophie playing with her special Fisher-Price computer keyboard.  She’s “learning” to draw letters and is always very proud whenever the image she traces appears on the screen.  She’s very excited to start school on Tuesday, as are we.  She chose a backpack at Target yesterday, and try as we might, we were unable to convince her to stay away from the pink Disney princess model.  I’m learning to choose my battles, but Sophie is quickly turning this “Pink Me Not” blog into “Pink Me Most of the Time.”  C’est la vie.

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