Piggyback Ride

Chloe gives Sophie piggyback rides.  And now Sophie gives Gloup and Alubus piggyback rides.  

That said, the novelty of owning pets seems to have worn off a bit. I find myself reminding Chloe to play with the animals more often than I did in the beginning.  You know how it is – favorite Hannah Montana episode or parental (in this case, hamster) chores – which would you prefer if you were 8 years old?
I’m finding that the days are too short since we’ve adopted these two creatures.  In addition to the pre-hamster tasks (get ready for school, homework, set the dinner table, clean up after dinner, take the occasional bath, get ready for bed…), we now have to make sure Alubus and Gloup are hydrated, fed, cleaned, recreated…long live the hamsters.

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