On January 20, we may be inaugurating a new president, but in equally exciting news (at least for our family), Sophie will be starting preschool – three mornings a week.  So that she’s all ready for full-time pre-K in September.  She’s constantly talking about her little friends who are going to school and smiles whenever she mentions it.

Now she’s going to get her chance to join the ranks of the toddler students. Learning her ABCs, her numbers and maybe even how to spell her name.  Her papa is particularly excited about what will surely be her sooner-than-expected ability to spell “Papa.”  We’ll see about that.  One step at a time. 
When I explained to her that she’d be starting school in a few days, she asked whether she’d be going by herself.  When I responded yes, she replied, “Cool!”  I love my girls.  They make me laugh (when they’re not fighting).

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