Sophie at School

This is a photo of Sophie slipping and sliding in our rejuvenated sunroom (now officially called the “den”).  Shortly after that photo was taken (prior to the theft of our camera), she fell on her butt.  Luckily, she has a lot of cushioning on her butt.
Sophie started her second week of school today.  So far, so good.  Although she’s still a little shy, apparently.  Which is funny to me, because she’s such a pistol when she’s in a small group.  I think she’s naturally feeling a little overwhelmed by the noise and activity.  And tomorrow, she’s going to ride in a school bus for the first time to go to a local children’s museum.  Not sure what she thinks about that – when I mentioned it to her this morning she seemed a little nervous about the prospect.  
I still can’t believe she’s in school.  Probably because we made the decision to enroll her so quickly and didn’t have much time to mentally prepare for the milestone.  But she’s going – and our schedule is more complicated than it used to be – and I’m not sure how we’re going to manage in the fall when she’ll be in school full-time, but we’ll figure it out.  We have a few months to get used to the new routine.  

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