Still No Photos

I was really hoping to have a camera in time for Chloe’s birthday tomorrow.  But we didn’t make it to the store.  And I’m bummed about it, because I will be in Chloe’s class serving cupcakes and won’t have the evidence to prove it (ok, they’re not homemade)!  

What Chloe doesn’t know is that I plan to take her out of school early so that we can enjoy the afternoon together.  And this is a good thing, because I’m really ready for the weekend to begin.  And I’m looking forward to having some mommy time with my big girl.
Sophie worked on her first homework assignment this evening.  It was a coloring page highlighting the letter ‘r’.  The instructions dictated that Sophie color all of the letter r’s red.  Try explaining that to a 3-year old.  It took several minutes to make her understand that purple r’s, green r’s, pink r’s or yellow r’s were not going to do the trick.  When she finally realized that she could color the rest of the picture whatever colors she chose, she relented.  And took out a sparkly red crayon and did what she was supposed to do.  And proceeded to go crazy on the rest of the sheet.  Go, Sophie, go.
I honestly had forgotten what it was like to teach the concept of homework.  That there are rules to follow.  That’s a difficult lesson to inculcate in a toddler.  We’ll see how it goes.  The good news is that she’s starting to remember the names of her new friends, Ava, Alice and Jonah.  And she was invited to a birthday party, too.  Sophie’s social life is blossoming…

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