Sophie survived her first week of school!  And she liked it, we think.  No complaints on Thursday and next week she’ll experience her first class trip on a school bus.  She is, of course, very excited about that and was very keen on knowing whether or not it is going to be a big school bus or a little school bus.

Chloe has started Harry Potter all over again.  However, she remarked this evening that she’d rather have a more Nancy Drew books, or the 3rd book in the Sisters Grimm series.  For those of you reading this blog who are wondering what to get her for her upcoming birthday, there you go.  She’s read the first 14 Nancy Drew books.  It’s crazy how much she’s been reading.
I’m glad this week is over.  It was a long week, and a somewhat stressful one at work.  There’s definitely a sense of anxiety in the air – everywhere.  I’m looking forward to the weekend.  First item on the agenda:  moving back into the sunroom.  It’s finished (except for the outside stucco, which will be taken care of once the weather gets warmer) and it looks great.  Believe it or not, my husband chose the color and he was right.  He and color don’t really get along, so it was surprising, to say the least.  Second item on the agenda:  buy Chloe her birthday present (a Nintendo DS).  Third item on the agenda:  get a manicure.  And on Sunday, a trip to the museum sounds appealing…

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