The Misadventures of Chloe

Before I begin, this a photo of Chloe with our beloved babysitter, who’s been with us for eight years.  Sophie decided to be camera-shy when I took the picture, but that’s ok.  We’ll get her another time.

Anyway, today we celebrated Chloe’s birthday (about two weeks in advance).  We took her, along with her best friend, to the Big Apple Circus.  And they had a terrific time.  But Chloe’s misadventures started a little bit before we left, and continued well into the evening.  Here’s a summary of her day:
(1) Help Mom put paint samples on the wall of the rebuilt sunroom.  While in the kitchen preparing the paint, attempt to open one of the jars and in doing so, splatter half of the contents all over the kitchen floor and cabinetry.
(2) Buy a souvenir cup at the circus and repeatedly drop it or kick it over, and in doing so, splash half of the contents all over the floor.  Luckily the cup was only filled with water.
(3) Share cotton candy with her friend.  Hold the bag from the wrong end, and drop the remaining treat on the floor.  Try to eat the “clean” side, but not before I grab it from her and hide it in my bag.
(4) Go to a local Italian restaurant for her birthday dinner, specifically chosen by Chloe because they offer good desserts.  Receive a lovely piece of Oreo cake, to be shared between Chloe and her friend.  After one bite, drop the plate (oops! broke the plate) and the cake on the floor.  
(5) Get a replacement piece of Oreo cake, which Papa splits evenly in two for Chloe and her friend.  Bring piece to the edge of the table and proceed to put more of the cake on her clothes than in her mouth.
I kid you not.  All of this really happened between the hours of 2:30 pm and 8:30 pm today.  The only thing that didn’t happen, which happens fairly regularly, is that Chloe didn’t spill any milk.  Are all 8-year olds like this?

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