Chloe Has a Stimulus Package…

…that will provide her up to $6 a week for doing chores.  Chloe and Papa devised a scheme earlier today so that she can rack up points by helping out around the house.  From homework (she lucked out on that one – I never would have allowed her to receive points for something she needs to do and would do regardless, but hey, this wasn’t my project) to cleaning to practicing piano to making her bed, the possibilities for income generation are endless.  I’m surprised she didn’t convince her Papa to give her points for wiping her butt after going to the bathroom, but who knows?  She might try that next.

In Chloe’s eyes, $6/week – which will actually be fairly difficult for her to achieve – is a very exciting thing.  Six dollars will buy a Nancy Drew book, 1/4 of a Nintendo DS game, a bunch of silly dollar toys, a cool notebook, fun pens.  Over the course of one year, she could earn $300 – at least in theory – and help prevent the economy from going the way of the Titanic.
But we all know how it will likely go.  When she realizes all the time she’s going to have to spend earning points, she’ll soon tire of it.  After a few weeks spent toiling away, the points and the cash will start dwindling.  The only sure thing is the $1-$2 she’ll earn every week for doing her homework (at least until the end of June) and cleaning the hamsters’ cage (so long as Alubus and Gloup shall live).  The rest is a crapshoot.

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