Chloe Imitating “The Scream”

OK, not really.  She was just being silly and isn’t even familiar with that painting.  Actually, she says she’s heard of the painting because it was featured in an episode of “Wizards of Waverly Place.”  I guess you can learn things from stupid kids’ TV shows.

In another funny moment tonight, Sophie came bounding down the stairs to let Papa know that the radio in the attic wasn’t working properly.  She was having trouble explaining the problem, but she was doing her best to convince her daddy that whatever was wrong required immediate attention.  Perhaps realizing that she wasn’t succeeding in conveying the enormity of the situation, she decided to appeal to his ego.  “Papa, you need to come now.  You’re Mr. Fixer!”  Needless to say, Papa couldn’t resist after that bit of flattery.  He followed Sophie upstairs and fulfilled his Mr. Fixer duties.

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