Disney, Here We Come

Not right away.  In April.  Staying at the Fort Wilderness Cabins.  Mom is joining us.

Announced it to the girls the other night, because I was in need to see wondrous little-kid grins from my girls.  Economy be damned.  We haven’t taken a vacation in two years.  Needless to say, Chloe and Sophie didn’t disappoint.  When we broke the news, Chloe’s eyes went buggy, and she smiled as wide as the dining room – at least it seemed that way.  Sophie doesn’t know what the hell Disney World is, and she has absolutely no concept of time, but when she heard she’d get to meet Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and her favorite princesses – let’s just say that she was jumping up and down like a kangaroo.  
I’m looking forward to this escape.  My company just laid off about 8% of its employees yesterday and it sucks.  My husband’s company is talking about another round of layoffs as well.  When will it end?  I figure, worst-case scenario, this will be our last nice trip for awhile.  Might as well just live your life, right?  

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