How Much Do I Love Thee, Camera?

It is so very nice to have a camera again.  We took a bunch of photos today, between our twin cousins’ birthday party and dinner with our neighbor and her son, our fingers were very busy capturing lots of future memories.

Sophie called the police earlier today because Papa was being silly.  Not the real police, of course.  The imaginary police floating around in her head.  
Papa took Sophie jogging today.  It was the first day over 40 degrees that we’ve had in weeks.  Sophie and Chloe thought it was spring.  Anyway, he pulled out the jogging stroller and off they went.  I don’t think Sophie understood what she had gotten herself into, though.  I think she believed that she’d really run with her dad.  Instead, he ran and she sat.  Not particularly exciting.  He’s going to have to do better than that next time!  

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