The Beginning of the End?

I knew that turning 40 would mean a lot of things – mostly symbolic.  And I knew that turning 40 would mean the beginning of the slow decline towards old age.  Ever-worsening eyesight, increased lower back pain, chin hairs, more frequent brain farts…

But what happened earlier today takes the cake.  After lunch, we all went to Barnes & Noble to get some books.  We spent a leisurely 1/2 hour or so perusing the kids’ section and paid for our purchases.  Chloe even bought a book for Sophie, out of her own gift card money.  As we’re leaving the store, I started to sift through my bag to find the car keys.  Nowhere to be found.  
Uh oh.  Realized I must have left them in the car.  Double uh oh.  Would the car lock automatically after a certain period of time?  Hell, would the car still be there?  If we thought having our camera stolen at the museum a week ago sucked big time, imagine having a car stolen because of your own forgetfulness.  So, I ran.  Ran to the car.  It was still there.  Opened the door, which, of course, was still open.  And immediately realized that I not only had left the keys in the car, but the ignition on as well!   If there is a better advertisement for “this car is yours for the taking,” I don’t know what it is.  Unbelievable that I did that; perhaps more unbelievable that we still have our car.  
I am now sufficiently freaked out by my mental lapse that I’m starting to wonder if I have something nefarious going on in my brain.  Forgetting keys in the car – that’s one thing.  Leaving the car running in a busy parking lot for a 1/2 hour, that belongs in another category altogether.

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