They’re Home

My mom tells me that Chloe and Sophie had a terrific time with her this weekend.  No surprise there.  The girls always have a great time with their Grammy.
What was surprising was that my mother claims the two got along just swimmingly.  No arguments, no raised voices.  In fact, hugs and kisses all around, even in public.  A sisterly lovefest for more than 24 hours.
Those can’t be my girls.  My girls are the ones who taunt and scream at each other.  The ones who, earlier this evening, were running around the house yelling at each other over something so important I don’t remember what it was.  The ones who accuse each other of being mean, of saying “poopy” and of stealing the other’s toys.
I told my mother that next time I want proof of their angelic behavior.  So that I can witness the love for myself.  So that I can post it to this blog for all to behold.

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