Third Grade Preview

I visited the grade 3-5 elementary school Chloe will be attending in September.  It’s a huge building.  A little overwhelming.  But…
They have a classroom devoted to the student drum core.  A classroom devoted to science classes.  A dance studio and a gymnastics studio.  A music room (different from the drum room), with keyboards.  An art studio.  A library, of course.  A huge auditorium.  A computer lab.  And they offer so many electives, Chloe will go nuts!  
Hell, as I was roaming the colorful hallways, I was wishing that I was 8 years old again.  Sheltered from the shitty economy, from work, from everything but fun.  Oh well.  Since we don’t live in Neverland, I’m stuck being 40.  Which isn’t without its benefits, mind you…but still, drum room, art studio, science lab… in 3rd grade?  Jeez Louise.

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