47 Days

I am counting down the days until we leave for  Disney World – 47 to be exact.  Not exactly around the corner, but not too far away, either.
It feels very far away, because it’s still freakin’ cold outside.  A balmy 20 degrees today.   My car fishtailed on the way to work – I had heart palpitations for about five minutes afterwards.  I HATE MARCH.  I know I’ve said it before, but as far as I’m concerned it bears repeating multiple times – I HATE MARCH.  The weather forecasters predict warmer weather by the weekend, but I’d bet my hat that it won’t last.
So, I’m dreaming about vacation.  I’ve tried several times to make dinner reservations at Disney World.  To no avail.  Here I am, thinking the economy is tanking, but the shows and restaurants are booked.  Go figure.  I’ll keep trying because I’m nothing if not persistent.  We are booked for a character lunch, however.  So all is not lost.  At least Sophie is guaranteed a hug from Winnie the Pooh and friends.

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