Another Monday

“They’re dancing!  They’re married!”  I’m waiting for “24” to start and have “Dancing with the Stars” on TV.  Sophie is delaying her bedtime, and upon seeing one of the couples with their fake tans, she was very excited.  
For Sophie, if a man and a woman are holding hands, that must mean they’re married.  Life is really simple when you’re 3.  Sophie came home from school today with her writing samples.  The letters E, P and Z.  She was very proud of her penmanship.
In the midst of the crappy economy, we finalized plans for our special hubby and wife vacation in July.  Scaled back the grand dreams of a five-star luxury escape since we’re taking the trip to Disney in April, and decided to go on another cruise.  Got a great deal and unlike the cruise we took with the girls two years ago, this time we won’t have to split forces to take care of our little ones.  We can both lose money playing blackjack together.

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