Enough of These Silly Photos!

Sophie had her Cyclops moment yesterday.  Now it’s Chloe’s turn for her silly face, which makes me wonder how she might look when she’s 80.  Actually, this photo makes me think of Benjamin Button.  Old person in 8-year old’s body.

The girls would be in heaven if I allowed them to take these crazy pictures everyday.  I have rarely seen them laugh as much as with this Photo Booth program.  They crack themselves up every time I take a picture.  
Chloe was initially excited about one effect that turned her chin into what looked like a miniature butt – (with a crack, too).  Until she thought about it for an extra minute and realized that if she went ahead and took it, the photo would likely end up on this blog.  Oh well.  I was all about the chin butt.  Next time, perhaps.  Because you know that there will definitely be a next time…

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