Follow the Leader

It was another beautiful pre-spring day and when I came home from work, Chloe asked to go for a walk.  Never one to refuse a request by my sedentary children to move their legs, we took a lovely stroll around the block, inviting one of Sophie’s little friends and her mom to join us.

Join us they did.  And Chloe, ever preparing for her future as the neighborhood babysitter, proceeded to teach the two 3-year olds how to play “Follow the Leader.”  And for a while, it worked like gangbusters.  They were jumping like frogs, skipping like stones and running like the wind.  Until Sophie decided that she didn’t feel like listening to her big sister anymore.
I love the spring.  I love my girls.  I love when they play together in harmony, even when it lasts for mere minutes.  

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