How to Make Chloe Laugh

Surefire ways to make Chloe giggle:

(1) Use foul language

(2) Talk about how we used to get her to eat her vegetables when she was little by asking her to eat “3 more” and then when she finished the 3 veggies, asking her to eat “3 more” and on and on.   Kids are suckers when they can’t yet count.  
(3) Burp out loud.  She laughs even harder when she’s the one doing the burping.
(4) Tickle her feet.
(5) Make up funny songs and poems.
(6) Dance a funny dance that involves shaking one’s booty.
How Chloe makes herself laugh:
(1) Tormenting her little sister.  And she still laughs, even if we threaten to punish her…which I suppose doesn’t say much about our parenting skills.
(2) Bugging her mom with the help of her Papa.
(3) Giving wet willies to her parents.
(4) Calling farts ‘atomic stink bombs.’
(5) Spinning herself into a dizzy frenzy.
Sophie’s list to follow tomorrow.

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