I Like this Junk!

Sophie was at a birthday party this afternoon and there was a pinata.  Filled with candy.  What followed was a stampede of 3- and 4-year old kids.  Sophie almost missed out as she got tossed around by her camarades.  But she’s nothing if not resilient.  She managed to grab a couple of treats, including a multi-colored Twizzler candy, dyed in Easter pastel tones.

Boy, was she happy when she saw that candy.  I told her it was junk.  She asked permission to eat it.  I told her I wasn’t sure she’d like it, but that she could try.  With a sh*t-eating grin on her face, she ecstatically put the forbidden food in her mouth.  
And on the way home, this was her happy refrain:  “I like this junk, Mom!”  

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