I’m a Star

Sophie the starlet has discovered the joys of pink sunglasses.  Pink of course – just to torment me, the creator of the “Pink Me Not” blog.
Everything about her is pink and neat, and prim and proper.  Her older sister, on the other hand, has been wearing the same stained blue winter jacket (pictured) for the past several months, indifferent to the 

fact that everyone has noticed how filthy it is.  By the way, it’s not for lacking of washing the putrid thing.  It’s just that it’s been worn every single winter day for the past two years.  She’s dyed it chocolate many times – quite successfully, considering she wasn’t aiming for an intentional color change.  
I’m tempted to throw it out tonight while she’s sleeping.  But that’s a risky idea.   Not sure how she’d react if she couldn’t find it tomorrow.  And I really don’t want to deal with her wrath in the morning – my least favorite time of the day.  I may propose a symbolic burial ceremony to her instead…

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