It’s Feeling More Like Spring

It was relatively warm today, for the second day in a row.  Two

consecutive warm days is a sure sign that spring is finally settling in.  
Chloe and a friend went to the playground, where she rode her bike and he rode his scooter.  They also frolicked in the backyard, with Sophie close on their heels – she loves it when  Chloe has friends over to play.
I went to get a manicure and the place was packed.  Another sure sign that the warmer weather is just about here to stay.  The change in the weather puts me in a much better mood.  That, and the fact that we’re only three weeks away from Disney…
We’ve started to talk about camp for Chloe – we need to decide what she’s going to do this summer.  It will be a mish-mosh of activities for her – along with time spent at the swim club.  It’s hard to think so far ahead, but we don’t want to miss the boat on getting her enrolled.  Having her home for the summer would be disastrous.  For everyone.
Chloe received her report card yesterday.  Stellar, as usual.  And Chloe is also teaching Sophie some of her letters.  Which is great, because until recently, Sophie didn’t want to practice writing them.  But thanks to Chloe, now she doesn’t mind.  She was doing her “homework” coloring page today, and eagerly started drawing the letter “b” all by herself.  I used to have to help her to write, and the fact that she now wants to do it on her own is likely due to Chloe’s encouragement.  

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