Papa’s Home!

Well, after five not-as-long-as-I-expected days, Papa is home.  Safe and sound.  The greeting he received when he walked in the door made the return extra sweet.  Chloe and Sophie assaulted him with hugs.  

All in all, the three of us girls had a really nice time together.  It was a treat to spend some quality time with them, and it helped enormously that we had great springtime weather for the weekend.  I only lost my patience once – this morning when I was trying to get pants onto Sophie, who as usual, was intent on wearing a dress and didn’t like her legging choices.  
But because I was still relatively relaxed, I decided to walk away and ignore her for a little while.  Wise choice.  She calmed down eventually, I got the pants on her little legs and a crisis was averted.  I love my girls and they gave me lots of pleasure over the last few days.  I’m very lucky indeed.

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