Parking Lots

People in parking lots drive me crazy.  Earlier today I had to retrieve Chloe and a friend from a party.  The parking lot isn’t that large and all of the spots were taken.  
But one was on its way to becoming available.  A couple was getting into their car with their daughter.  They saw that I was waiting.  The guy installed his daughter into the car seat.  The woman, however, was a character in a slow-motion movie.  Daughter’s in her car seat.  Dad sits in the passenger seat.  Mom dawdles outside.  Eating.  Pacing.  Going to the backpack in the trunk, still eating.  Several minutes passed.  And then she decided she didn’t want to drive.  So she snailpaced back to the passenger side to switch places with her husband.  People who are so oblivious to others drive me crazy.
Under normal circumstances I’d be simmering behind the wheel.  But I was in a good mood, feeling relaxed (fairly exceptional considering I’m completely exhausted by my temporary single parenthood), thinking about all of the dinner plans I had just made for our trip to Disney World next month.  And before I knew it, the spot was mine.  

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