Tidal Wave

Chloe was taking a bath upstairs.  I was in the kitchen, helping to prepare dinner.  Suddenly, I heard a drip, drip sound.  It didn’t register right away.  A couple of minutes later, the drip, drip sound was more like a torrent of water.  I look up towards the corner of the kitchen, thinking to myself, “it’s not raining.  What the hell?”

Then I remembered.  Chloe was taking a bath upstairs.  Sure enough, Papa bounds up the stairs and beholds the bathroom floor – saturated with water.  I heard some yells.  “What were you doing, Chloe?  What were you thinking?”  Chloe tells us that she was just splashing “a little.”  Then she demonstrated with a little more accuracy and enthusiasm.  
Needless to say, our ceiling isn’t waterproof.  And if our big girl ever pulls that shit again, she’ll learn what a tidal wave is really like. 

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