17 Days Until Disney World

It was another one of those days at work when I started to count the days until our vacation.  I actually considered starting counting down the minutes, but I thought that would reek of desperation.
Chloe are I are sitting in our new den with our new TV catching our weekly dose of “Survivor.”  Chloe was very upset last week and the week before last because the show was preempted by March Madness basketball stuff, which we have absolutely no interest in.
But we’re now back to our regular programming.  And Chloe demonstrated her secret recipe for chocolate-covered marshmallows.  With the help of a touch of hot water, she melts a square of chocolate and dips the marshmallow.  She then proceeds to take all the extra chocolate and smear it all over her face, with the emphasis on her nose.  That’s really why she wanted to demonstrate her recipe – not so much for the yumminess of it, but for the messiness of it.  I’m sorry I didn’t take a photo when I had the chance.
The joys of youth…

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