Chloe, For Real

Finally.  A photo of Chloe that doesn’t involve special effects.  She’s smiling because she had just finished her Easter egg hunt.  This year, the clues were scrambled words.  Once unscrambled, she had the location of the egg.  It was a difficult puzzle and I was a little nervous that she’d lose patience and cause a scene.  But she rose to the challenge and with a little bit of help, she found all of her eggs.  

The other kids, however, managed to scoop up all 100+ eggs and assorted treats in record time.  The older children hogged the backyard, while Sophie and her little friend each struggled to grab a handful. Next year, we’ll have to organize two separate hunts – one for the little ones and one for the big ones.  But Sophie was happy nonetheless, and proceeded to scarf down all of her candy in about 5 minutes flat.  Chloe displayed a little more restraint.  She finished her candy in about 7 minutes.
Notice how Chloe is wearing her famously filthy winter jacket.  She can’t seem to part with it.  But the bigger story is that at 10 am on April 12, 2009, it was freezing outside.  Literally (well, almost – I think the temperature hit a balmy 39 degrees).  Yet another reason why I’m excited for our vacation.

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