Countdown to Disney

One short week left to go.  Some may find it odd that I’ve been talking so much about this upcoming vacation, which many people likely think is an absolutely cringeworthy choice for a week away.  “That’s no vacation!” would be the common refrain.  While it is true that we will probably return from this trip even more exhausted (in my case, I honestly don’t know if that’s possible, considering how tired I am) than we were before we left, I don’t remember the last time I was this excited about a trip.  Well, that’s not true.  The last time I was this excited about a trip was the last time we went on vacation two years ago.  That trip was notable because it was our first cruise, and because the first half of it was spent dealing with the wrath of a horrible storm back home that flooded our basement.  I sincerely hope that next week’s voyage will dispense with any similar drama.

Needless to say, we leave in one week.  And as a testament to the fact that I’m not the only crazy person in my household to be eagerly anticipating this trip, all four of us are basically packed.  That’s right.  With the exception of toiletries, we’re just about ready to go.
Crazy, right?  You don’t know the half of it.  We have NEVER packed ahead of time, for anything.  NEVER.  Not in almost 20 years of togetherness and 15 years of marriage.  With the girls, the procrastination has only been worse than it was pre-kids.  But here we are.  Packed.  Ready to leave tomorrow.  See – I am not the only one in this household who’s ready to go.  Even my anti-Disney husband has jumped on the bandwagon.  Which makes him even more desperate to get away than me…

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