The Happiest Place on Earth

We’re here. Finally. At the happiest place on earth. After a bit of a rocky start (i.e., tired and moody offspring), I think we’d all agree that by the end of the day today, we were all feeling pretty happy. Especially after our campfire with Chip and Dale earlier this evening. We all danced and sang and roasted marshmallows. We even convinced Chloe to pose alongside Sophie for a photo with the rodents. Chloe vowed she wouldn’t hug any characters during our stay at Disney – at 8 years old, she’s way too cool – so this concession on her part was both surprising and proof that no one is immune to the Disney machine.

The warm and fuzzy feelings of this evening were in stark contrast to the wrath of Sophie this morning. If you had asked our little at 8 AM if she felt happy, she would have thrown her shoes at you and told you she wanted to go home. Why, you ask? Aside from the fact that she was thoroughly exhausted, she was beside herself because she didn’t want to wear the outfit we chose for her. It wasn’t pink enough and it wasn’t a dress.

Things started to look up when we arrived at the Magic Kingdom and Sophie had a chance to admire the castle and pose with Cinderella’s stepsisters and stepmother. And ride the Winnie the Pooh ride, and Peter Pan’s Adventure, and watch “Mickey’s Philharmagic,” the 3-D movie starring Donald Duck. Chloe was a fairly good sport throughout the “baby rides,” and excepting her astonishing impatience (ok, not so astonishing since she is my daughter after all), was generally happy as a clam most of the day. She loved Big Thunder Mountain and the Haunted Mansion. Even Sophie, who sometimes expresses fear at the most innocuous of things, survived the ghosts with a smile.

Tomorrow we’re off to Disney Hollywood Studios. With a little luck, Sophie might see a princess and Chloe might be able to trade pins with a cast member or two. If they both get a little of what they want, we should be in for a great day.

BTW, photos and video to come.

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