The Princess Quintet

Imagine the ecstasy. You’re almost 4 years old and a huge fan of princesses. You have obsessively watched every single princess movie that exists in the Disney library. You love castles and fairytales and think that kissing is gross. Your boyfriend is Adam Lambert, the soon-to-be (we hope) crowned winner of American Idol.

You are living your pre-K dream of spending a week at the happiest place on earth, and the crowning moment is dinner in a Norwegian castle in Epcot with – your heart skips several beats – Belle, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty for those of you not in the know), Ariel (the two-legged human version), Cinderella and Snow White. Each one of them visits you at your banquet table and gives you a hug and blows you a kiss.


Sophie lived her dream tonight – and her 43 month-old life is now complete.

Chloe, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with the character dining. She would have been much happier eating among a Disney villain quintet (we love that idea and suggested she write a letter to Disney management to advocate for such a character meal). Sophie promptly let Sleeping Beauty know that her older sister was not at all interested in having her photo taken with her. Sleeping Beauty, the polite princess that she is, respected Chloe’s controversial decision to sit out the photo ops.

The highlight of Chloe’s day was the animated, interactive Kim Possible scavenger hunt in Epcot. She had a ball finding the clues in the various “countries” of World Showcase, and after collecting such mementos as a fortune cookie and an English tea bag, she plans to continue her adventure tomorrow in Japan, France and Mexico.


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