Bookmark Contest Ceremony

It’s official – Chloe received her prize today for winning honorable mention in the local bookstore contest.   Chloe’s masterpiece is the one on the bottom right.

She already put her $10 gift card to use (and had to raid my wallet for a little extra money to cover the cost of the book she wanted) and walked home while reading her new novel.   This had me a little worried because Chloe is not the most coordinated 8-year old I know.  I had visions of her tripping and falling on her face, book splayed on the sidewalk.  Luckily, she didn’t fall, but at one point she trailed the rest of us by at least 500 feet.
Next year Sophie will be eligible to participate as well.  I have high hopes that she’ll win a prize too.  I’m sure whatever she creates will involve the color pink and at least one princess.  

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