Bookmark Contest

As I mentioned in a previous posting, Chloe entered a bookmark contest at our local bookstore.  This morning she got some pretty excellent news.  One of the employees called, announcing that she had won honorable mention and a $10 gift certificate.  
When she started to listen to the message and heard who was calling, she was grinning with delight.  Until the part about honorable mention, when the grin suddenly reversed itself into a pout.  She’s not too fond of honorable mention, and announced that she would have rather lost than won honorable mention, because coming so close to winning is such a tease.
She got over her disappointment fairly quickly though, especially once I told her that 170 kids had submitted designs.  She’s one of 15 or so award recipients.  Frankly, the odds of her winning honorable mention in the bookmark contest were less than her getting accepted into an elite college in 10 years, but somehow I don’t think that analogy will hold much weight with her.  
That said, the ceremony is next Saturday and we’ll be there.  She was a little more excited once I told her that if the $10 doesn’t cover two books, I’d pay the difference.   My special prize to her for doing such a great job.

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