Chloe on Having a Sister

Earlier this evening I asked Chloe if she like having a little sister.  Her response was initially knee-jerk.  “I like her sometimes.”  But then she gave it further thought.  “Actually, I like it most of the time.  Because even when I’m bugging her I’m having fun.”

I interpret that as a mostly positive response.  Indeed, tonight’s bedtime routine went relatively smoothly.  The husband was working late and we three girls did addition and multiplication, sang “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” read a princess book and “Monsters vs. Aliens,” and had a jolly good time.  There was minimal yelling and hitting.  And the girls even wished each other good night – at my prompting – but they complied.  That’s a big deal.
Chloe’s off tomorrow and her Papa is going to take her to work.  She’s excited because she gets to watch movies all day.  And play computer games.  

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