Chloe’s Snack Shack

It was a beautiful day for a lemonade stand, and about 18 months after her first lemonade stand, Chloe decided that she needed to break out the supplies again so that she could earn a fast buck in order to buy herself a present.  

After a couple of hours in the lazy sun, Chloe had earned $24.50.  Lots of generous folks stopped by, including a local business owner, who gave Chloe $5 for a cup of lemonade.  I wondered if that was simply smart PR on his part, was he thinking that the next time we need our house painted we’d have him bid because of his kindly donation?  She could barely conceal her glee when she saw the number on the bill. One teenage girl gave Chloe $1 and didn’t even buy anything – just wished her good luck.   Not a bad gig, if you ask me.  
If the weather holds up, we’ll be out there again a little later.  She’s eager to break October 2007’s record of $39.  I told her not count on it – we are in a recession after all.  

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