It’s Time for a Little Sophie

The last few blog entries have been all about Chloe.  It’s Sophie’s turn now.  

Sophie is learning how to add numbers.  She was watching Chloe do her math homework earlier – she was doing multiplication problems and Sophie heard me give her the equations.  
“I want to do it, too!” she cried.  So we tried.  Every answer she gave was 18.  No matter the numbers.  Then we started showing her with our fingers.  She did pretty well there.  Until she reached the number 13.  And then she would skip to 15 or sometimes 18 or even 19.  But boy was she happy to be like her big sister.
Breaking news:  Sophie’s going to be extremely disappointed tomorrow – her boyfriend, Adam, is not the American Idol.  He lost to Kris, who seems to be a nice enough guy.  But boorrring.  We’ll see who has the hit record first.  My bet is on Adam.  And Sophie will be the first one to buy it (with my help, of course).

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