Lazy Sunday

This photo perfectly sums up our day today.  For the first time in a very long time, the four of us didn’t do much of anything.  Yes, Papa and Chloe went food shopping in the morning, and I ran out for a couple of quick errands both alone and with Chloe.

But other than those couple of hours, we were all homebound during a lazy, rainy Sunday.  Reading, playing computer games, sorting legos into different bowls (the onesies, the twosomes, the squares, the foursomes, the curvies) or sleeping – you name it, we did it.  Sophie led the pack for napping – I think she spent a good three hours dreaming this afternoon.  
This led to a big problem tonight – she was overtired, and was still going gangbusters at 10:30 pm.  She finally allowed herself to fall asleep after much resistance and whimpering.  Chloe, as usual, went to bed at her normal time – and slept like a log during Sophie’s “I’m too tired not to scream” temper tantrum.

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