Ordinary Man or Unordinary Monster?

By Chloe

Nicholas lived in an ordinary house, on an ordinary street, in an ordinary city, which was in an ordinary state (Hawaii), that was in an ordinary country, which was on ordinary planet, and even his life was ordinary.  But not for long.  For he was about to become the most unordinary person you possibly meet.  This whole story begins in February on an ordinary day.  It was beautiful outside, and may I add very hot too.  Everybody was either at a lake, beach or pool.  Except for a boy named Nicholas, Nicholas Mound.  He was a well-behaved boy.  He was nine years old.  And the only thing odd about him was he was born on a leap year.  So you can see he probably had the most uncommon birthday somebody could ask for.  And in fact today was his birthday. 
For his birthday, his dad was taking him fishing.  And that’s when the strangest thing of all happened while they were out fishing they caught an octopus. An actual octopus!  Nicholas and his dad were amazed.  Nicholas touched the octopus and the transformation began.  He was turning into an octopus!  His dad was too shocked to move, all he was able to do was stare and gape.  In about another 30 seconds, Nicholas was an octopus!  The only things that were the same about him was he still had hands and legs and feet.  
Nicholas was a very smart kid for his age.  He was able to figure out that he needed to find the creature most opposite an octopus.  Because that would change him back to normal.  Which he thought was a spider. Even though it also had 8 legs.  And all he needed to do was touch it.  He easily found a spider and touched it.  And this time he turned into a…well you probably know what happened.  

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