Sick of School Projects

OK – not quite.  But in a couple of days.  Sophie has just 3 more weeks of pre-school and Chloe another 4.  This year has flown by – and I don’t know where it flew to.

Chloe has to hand in her last project of the year – a report and a diorama about wombats – on Monday.  I am so sick of school projects – I can’t even begin to express how sick I am of them.  As one of my mom friends said, they should be called parent projects.  Because we end up doing at least as much work as the kids.  I’m already starting to envision the not-too-distant future when we’ll have double the projects to do, unless we can find a way to keep Sophie out of school.
Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s a realistic option.  But it can’t hurt to fantasize, right?  I barely have time to remember where I put my checkbook (the last time I lost it, just a couple of weeks ago, I had thrown it in the garbage), let alone research wombats (cute little critters though they may be).  Jeesh.  There’s definitely something to be said for the stay-at-home-mom thing.  But if I’m being honest, I’m not sure I’d like those school projects any better if I didn’t have a paying job.
I shouldn’t really complain, however, since I’ve sicced Papa on the diorama portion of the assignment.  So I’m done for the year, in theory.  However, if the Chloe/Papa team is anything like past Chloe/Papa teams, I’ll be called on to mediate a fight at some point during the diorama creation.  Which means that I’ll likely end up working on it.  Unless I disappear for the weekend.  Now there’s an idea…

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