“I Don’t Want to Be a Messy Girl!”

Sophie was making a bit of a mess at dinner tonight – pasta and cheese on her chair, pasta and cheese on the table, pasta and cheese on the floor.  As the food was flying in different directions, she exclaimed, with no encouragement from the audience, “I don’t want to be a messy girl!”  Her words were accompanied by a classic Sophie pout (see photo).  
But being messy at the dining room table does not translate to a reluctance to get dirty.  Nope.  Not five minutes later she was asking to be excused from the table in order to go outside and collect dirt.  Yes, that’s right.  Our “I don’t want to be a messy girl” likes playing in mud and digging for rocks.  Like a pig in its sty.  But if she should drop an elbow pasta on the floor – there’s no coming back from that.
Never a dull moment.  That said, after a somewhat stressful day at work, coming home to that really helped to calm my nerves.  Messy girls rule!

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