Little Cousin Elias

Today we met our Californian cousin, baby Elias, for the first time.  He’s two months old, and he’s a cutie.  All of 9 pounds and change, he’s “so little!” as Chloe exclaimed when she saw him.  He’s the first boy in the kids’ generation of extended cousins.  So he’s a big deal, a novelty.

Sophie was obsessed with holding him – and she finally got her chance when both parents stepped out of the room and my mom, who never begrudges her grandchild what she wants, stealthily passed the little guy to my little girl, who was sitting on the couch with her arms wide open.  She held Elias for all of two seconds.  Until he realized that the person cradling him was only a year or so out of diapers herself.  That’s when he started to cry.  Sophie didn’t mind, however.  She was simply happy to hold the little baby.  And very proud, too.
You may be wondering if seeing him made me yearn for a new baby of our own.  Well – not a bit (no offense to my adorable, extremely well-behaved new cousin).   Been there done that.  Twice.  All the gear!  The BMW of breast pumps!  The projectile vomiting!  Hell, we’re going on a just-the-two-of-us vacation – for a week –  for the first time in almost nine (9) years.  The baby days are over for us.  And that’s just fine.

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