Moving Up from Pre- Pre-K

Yep. It’s not enough to do pre-k graduations, now you have to move up from pre- pre-K. This is Sophie dressed for her “Footloose” performance. In a Flashdance-style off-the-shoulder shirt and leg warmers.

The great suspense for this evening was whether or not Sophie would perform with the rest of the class. Would she remain essentially immobile the whole time? Or would she shake her booty like we know she can do?
Sophie did us proud. She wasn’t necessarily as coordinated as some of the other kids (and for the record, she was probably the youngest one there), but she was shaking. Her arms, her legs, her butt, you name it. Kevin Bacon, eat your heart out. And afterwards, when the entire school sang “Corner of the Sky” from “Pippin” (the theme of the night was Broadway musicals), she was singing. We were dubious, but she was definitely moving her mouth to the words.
At the very least, this evening’s festivities gave us a taste of what graduation from pre-k will be like for her next year. I wonder how much of the tears I saw tonight were due to the warm, tender and loving feelings the parents have for their kids, or to the end of tuition payments, at least until college. I have to admit that next year, when Sophie is wearing her cap and gown for her official pre-k graduation, my tears will likely represent a mix of both, with emphasis on the latter.

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