Up and Away

We just got back from the movies – we took the girls to see “Up.”  I don’t remember being so moved by a film in a very long time.  I think I cried through half of it.
Granted, I had a bit of an emotional day today – Chloe was tough this morning and I was unable to banish my ensuing bad mood for most of the afternoon.  So perhaps I was predisposed to a crying jag.  But all the same, the movie touched me profoundly.  
The early sequence of Carl and Ellie living their lives together from childhood until her death, postponing their shared dream of visiting South America until it was too late, was beautiful.  And when old Carl, thumbing through Ellie’s scrapbook towards the end of the film, realized that his wife had lived a happy and fulfilled life despite their shared hurdles and disappointments, and that for her the true adventure was simply sharing her life with him – that was lovely.  
We should all grow old and have the good fortune to reflect on our lives and realize that we lived and loved well.  And I suppose the real message is that you should live your life to the fullest – so that when you look back, you have no regrets.  

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