When Can I Get a Cell Phone?

The minutes before bedtime this evening started with a seemingly innocuous question from Chloe.  “When I am getting a cell phone?” she inquired.  We asked her why and she gave her typical non-response.  “I just want to know.”

When her Papa jokingly replied that she could get one when she turned 18, she was not happy.  “You mean I’ll have to wait until after I can drive before I get a cell phone?”  To which he told her that, in all seriousness, she’d have to wait until she was at least 14.
Needless to say, she didn’t like that answer either.  I think she fully expected us to tell her we’d go to the Verizon store tomorrow.  When I asked her if any of her classmates had phones, she said no (not that it would have mattered anyway).  A conversation that should have been amusing turned Chloe into a very indignant 8-year old.  I’m not sure how it was resolved, since she stormed off while I was outside with Sophie, except that when we returned, she and my husband were upstairs in her bed and she was noticeably calmer.  And she was no longer talking about cell phones.

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